In 2020, on the initiative of Igor Diakoff and Marijana Mijanović, the first edition of what was then called Baroque à Prangins was held. The initial intention to involve the Prangins community in all the stages of the project's development was immediately put into practice through the valorisation of the various skills of our fellow citizens at all stages of the project. In order to continue the adventure and to perpetuate this event, the Prangins Baroque association was created at the end of 2020; just like the first edition, the 2021 edition was sold out. The 2022 edition continued in this vein by welcoming new partners, including the Château de Prangins - Swiss National Museum.

Previous editions

2020: First edition

The first edition brought together 8 singers who, after a week of workshops led by Marijana Mijanović, produced the first creation for Prangins Baroque in a staging by Kateryna Sokolova with accompaniment by Dušan Toroman around the theme of love.

2021: French Baroque

For its second edition, Prangins Baroque opened up to 6 instrumentalists, under the direction of Emmanuel Resche-Caserta and 4 singers led by Florian Carré and Marijana Mijanović, but also to dance with Pierre-François Dollé and Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière . Director Kateryna Sokolova worked with the musicians on their scenic expression. At the end of a week of workshops, a show for young audiences, de l'autre côté du miroir (On the other side of the mirror) with actress Geraldine Moreau-Geoffrey was produced, as well as two concerts, Le Miroir des Cœurs (Mirror of Hearts) given at the Temple of Prangins as well as a Fête Baroque which took place in the courtyard of the Château de Prangins.


  • 2020: First edition


  • 2021: French Baroque


  • 2022: Italian Baroque

Former participants