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Narumi Ogami

Narumi Ogami
Narumi Ogami

Narumi Ogami is a Japanese recorder and historical oboe player, based in Bremen, Germany.

She graduated from Kyoto-Horikawa music high school in 2011 as a modern oboe player, from Tokyo university of the arts in 2017 and from Hamburg university of music and theatre in 2019 as a recorder player. Now, she is studying the historical oboe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with Josep Domènech.

She learnt the modern oboe with Ayako Ogawa, Yoshie Miyamoto and Noriko Tanahashi, the recorder with Shigeharu Yamaoka, Prof. Peter Holtslag and Hirohiko Nakamura, the historical oboe with Margret Schrietter and Masamitsu San’nomiya.

Furthermore, she is a finalist of the Tel Aviv recorder competition 2019 in Israel.

Narumi performed in Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and Gewandhaus in Leipzig with orchestras such as Merseburger Hofmusik, Schirokko Ensemble Hamburg, L‘arco Hannover.

In order to deepen her understanding of orchestral music, Narumi Ogami participated as an academician in the Musik Atelier Bremen under the direction of Alfredo Bernardini and Lionel Meunier in 2022 and JSB Ensemble Stuttgart under the direction of Hans-Christoph Rademann.

Narumi Ogami's appearances during the Prangins Baroque Festival include:
@daphne #ichliebedich / @apollon #ichauchnicht (2023)
Les Jardins d'Illusions (2023)

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