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Marta Atcher Soler

Marta Atcher Soler
Marta Atcher Soler

Marta Atcher Soler was born in Manresa in 1994. She began her musical studies at the conservatory of her native city, with Dolors Casas and Jordi Coll.

In 2013 she moved to The Netherlands, taking a preparatory year with the violinist and pedagogue Theodora Geraets. She followed the Bachelor studies in classical violin at Maastricht Conservatory, with Kyoko Yonemoto.

Marta is an Alexander Technique teacher graduated in December 2021 at the prestigious ATCA center in Amsterdam (directors Tessa Marwick and Paul Versteeg).

Since 2018 she plays both historical and modern instruments, having received guidance from Antoinette Lohmann, Kati Debretzeni and Emmanuel Resche.

She has participated in different chamber ensembles and orchestras throughout Spain, Catalonia, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania, having performed in several halls as Kursaal Manresa, Auditori de Girona and Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht, amongst others.

Currently, Marta is located in Amsterdam, where she assists ATCA center as an Alexander Technique teacher. She also teaches violin lessons in Heemskerk Cultuurhuis and Wereld Musiek School in Haarlem.

Marta Atcher Soler's appearances during the Prangins Baroque Festival include:
Did you say Baroque? (2022)
Voyage en Italie (2022)

This summary was written during her/his last engagement with Prangins Baroque and certainly no longer reflects her/his current career. For current information on her/his career, please see these official pages:

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